zombie 48 - Tom

Less than an hour ago Tom went with his wife and child to the hospital for her scheduled
check up. The waiting room was filled with people coughing and wheezing, and
Tom kept his son close. Normally he would read a magazine and let his son play with
the toys provided by the hospital to keep kids calm, but not today.
It was a relief when they were called to the examination room, away from all the sick
people and their constant coughing.

About 15 minutes after waiting for the doctor to come, the screaming started, followed
by more screaming and then ... a gun shot.

Tom locked the door to the little room he and family were in and pushed the doctors
desk against it, then crouched down in the corner, covered his sons ears and listened
as more screaming and gun shots could be heard.

He looked at his wife, she was holding her cell phone and dialling 911, whispering
as loudly as she dared to the person on the other end. A suddne bang on the door
caused her to shriek, which caused who ever was on the other side of the door to start
pounding on it, trying to break in.