zombie 183 and 184

A zombie and his dog, every undead mans best friend.

zombie 182 - Gustavo

Often times when people contact me to get painted as a zombie, they use their profile picture or something similar, which is fine and results in a perfectly good zombie painting.
But every once in a while they take the time to make a face or strike a pose ... then the painting gets more dynamic.

zombies 180 and 181

These zombies from down under were funded by +Paul Snedden 
Together in life, forever in undeath ... eating human flesh, or each other when times are lean.

That almost sounds like a zombie folk song ... que the banjo!

zombie 179 - ?

The 179th zombie of this project. Quite a clean zombie, very minimal line use. Everything about this one is so different than what I am creating now that I have to stop and wonder why I was drawing this way ... evolution of art.

zombie 178 - Scott

This is Scott, and he's wearing a princess Leia outfit because of a dare. AND he's a zombie.
There has to be a joke in there somewhere.