zombie 177 - Melissa's other half

I no longer recall if this was Melissa's second half, better half, or just lunch.
Someone has been nibbling though.

zombie 176 - Melissa

It's monday and this zombie can't even

zombie 175 - Peta

Simple lines and bright colors make zombie 175 a little different from the rest. And those eyes ... they see everything.

zombie 165 - James

When I painted up James I tried to take in to account that he was a musician ... and carved some musical notes in to his face. It sort of worked.

zombie 164 - this KID!

Is this your child?
I have hunted through my archives to find the name of this kid ... but it is lost and forgotten.

zombie 163 - Amy

Still wearing her wedding dress, this bride of the undead wanders the apocalypse looking for her missing groom.

zombie 159 - Heather

Like something out of Hellraiser, Heather comes at your with her chattering teeth, ready to gnaw the flesh for your bones.

zombie 158 -Shawn

Shawn lost his friends when the apocalypse began. It didn't help that he ate a few of them. 

zombie 155 - Alireza

Stuck on a train with nowhere to go is probably the worst to be during the zombie apocalypse. Especially if there are zombies on it. Snakes on planes? How about zombies on trains!

zombie 153 and 154

Meet Artie and Stella. Together forever in life and undeath.
Although Artie's days are numbered if she keeps chewing his face.

zombie 150 - Ralph

Ralph was the kind of guy that always watched his back. To bad he didn't watch what was in front of him as well.

This is the 150th zombie of the project and also the end of a little mental slump. More details are starting to be picked out, and some of the fun was returning again.

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zombie 149 - Erin

Zombies are only really happy when they're nomming on your brains.

My art style has come a long way over the years. This painting was created about 3 years ago. If my memory is correct, it was made during a time when I wasn't entirely happy with any of the artwork I was producing. It was a darker time for me emotionally and I do not think I put as much in to the portraits as I used to ... or as I would later on.

Still ... there is something to be said about the chaotic simplicity of the lines.
Seeing this image and being able to compare it to the first zombie portrait as well as my most recent one, makes me glad I began this project. Even though its been a project that seems to stutter and stall often.