zombie 59 is the Cheshire Cat

When I was asked to paint the Cheshire Cat for the 1000 zombies project ( thanks +Denise Morgan Kalicki ) I thought it would be awesome ... I started with the smile and then things changed quickly. It was all acrylics but eventually went to a bit of pen as well ... creepy ass cat is creepy.

If you want to see the painting progression of this ... check it out on youtube below this picture

zombie 58 Branden

Zombie 58 is another tight portrait painting. Again I resorted to the use of pens though I'm not sure why. The paint itself was doing the trick. More doubt probably. The teeth are particularly bad,both in how they were painted and how they look.

If I remember correctly, this portrait is based on +Branden Haize 

zombie 57 Brandon

For the 57th zombie of the project I really tried hard to avoid the crutch of the pen. 98% of this painting is all acrylic and while I did cut really close in on the face, when you put this image beside the 56th zombie painting of +Stacy Frazer - it sort of looks like she's chewing on him.

zombie 56 - Stacy

Chewing with her mouth exposed, this is +Stacy Frazer 

At this point I've painted 5 acrylic zombies and I am pretty sure the weeds of self doubt were starting to take root but I still plowed on. I was beginning to like slopping the paint on to the canvas and you can see some big gobs on the hair. I still didn't trust myself enough for the small details so once again the pen came out. 

It's tricky drawing on canvas with a pen.

zombie 55 - Clare

I'm not quite sure if The lighting on this one is intentional or if its a result of the camera or scanning. Which ever it is, I'm taking FULL CREDIT for it ;)

I like how it makes it look like she could be hiding in your closet, the light from the room illuminating part of her face. This is the calm before the storm Clare. Once she realizes you're in here, and you're FOOD she'll burst in to action and rip you apart in her frantic desire to NOMNOMNOM you.

Yes ... your closet, not mine.
Sleep well ...

zombie 54 - Shannon

The 54th zombie of the project is Shannon and I think my insecurities with acrylic paint started to take hold because I ended up using the pen to put in the finer details around the glass and strands of hair.I like the bricks in the background though and the shadows in the small circle head wounds.

zombie 53 - Ro

This is the second acrylic painted zombie of the project. I still had a tendancy to want to draw and it was hard to break that habit. This is a 4x6" painting and this I can't change anything about it .. I sure want to. Back story coming for the second volume of the project.

zombie 51 and 52

For the next 50 zombies I started working in acrylic paint on canvas. It's something I had never really done before. The reason for taking on this medium was two fold. First, I wanted to learn how to paint with acrylic. Secondly, I wanted to have some variety in the whole project. Instead of all 1000 zombies being drawn with ink and painted with watercolor I would throw in some diversity.
At this point I've decided that was a good idea because it really helped me evolve as an artist.

Meet Davis and his girlfriend. They were together when this portrait was created but what has come of their fate now I do not know. Are they still together? Are they married in undeath doomed to forever walk the earth and sharing each day together? (Is that really a bad thing?) Or did some survivors happen upon them and end them both with a bullet to the head.

Maybe she got tired of his shit and ended him herself ...

zombie 50 - the wife of Tom

This is the last portrait drawn in this style for quite a while

Tom‘s wife wasn't feeling well when they went to the doctors. All the sick people in the waiting room wasn't helping either. When they finally got to the examination room she felt like she was developing a sever fever. It was all she could do to keep herself calm and composed in front of her son.

When all the screaming and shouting began she started to panic and dialed 911 while Tom barricaded them in the little room. She screamed when someone started pounding on the door trying to break in. All of a sudden she stopped, and curled up in to the fetal position, crying softly.

The pain was intense ... something was wrong ...

zombie 49 - Toms son

Tom‘s son was scared, he didn’t know what was happening but there was a lot of noise, people screaming and someone was banging on the door trying to get in. His mom was starting to look a little strange too, and she was crying.

This was the first time he saw his mom cry and he didn’t like it.

It was also the first time she ever bit him ... he didn’t like that either.

zombie 48 - Tom

Less than an hour ago Tom went with his wife and child to the hospital for her scheduled
check up. The waiting room was filled with people coughing and wheezing, and
Tom kept his son close. Normally he would read a magazine and let his son play with
the toys provided by the hospital to keep kids calm, but not today.
It was a relief when they were called to the examination room, away from all the sick
people and their constant coughing.

About 15 minutes after waiting for the doctor to come, the screaming started, followed
by more screaming and then ... a gun shot.

Tom locked the door to the little room he and family were in and pushed the doctors
desk against it, then crouched down in the corner, covered his sons ears and listened
as more screaming and gun shots could be heard.

He looked at his wife, she was holding her cell phone and dialling 911, whispering
as loudly as she dared to the person on the other end. A suddne bang on the door
caused her to shriek, which caused who ever was on the other side of the door to start
pounding on it, trying to break in.

zombie 47 - Stacey

Stacey was at home working on her story about the end of the world, the zombie
apocalypse. She had been working on it from time to time, adding to it here and
there, trying to coax it in to a really good novel.
Her favorite parts were when people got attacked by the zombies. She thought of
some of her coworkers when she wrote those parts.
Like Bill.

Bill was a slob of a man dressed in clothes that were two sizes to small, he smelled
weird and he kept hitting on her. He asked her for coffee once and when she turned
him down he called her a bitch. Now he’s always calling her names just under his
breath, and he constantly rubs he belly while looking at her.
Bills death is going to be messy and painful she thought, and began to type.
Shortly after there was a loud bang outside her house that sounded like a car crash ,
and some screaming. Stacey grabbed her cell phone and went outside to see if anyone
needed help.

No sooner did she step outside that a cat lunged right at her face, clawing and biting
her. She managed to throw it down to the ground, and it hissed at her and attacked
again but Stacey dodged and the cat landed in her house. She shut the door on it
before it could attack again. She could hear it howling and scratching at the door like
a beast possessed.

When Stacey turned to look at the street, saw the car wreck, body parts and blood
everywhere. A little further on she saw a group of people attacking an elderly lady .
Stacey instantly knew what was happening. She knew what was wrong with the cat
and why it attacked her. She knew what was going to happen to her, and she knew
there was no way to stop it.

She also knew where Bill lived, With a little luck she would get there just in time.