zombie 51 and 52

For the next 50 zombies I started working in acrylic paint on canvas. It's something I had never really done before. The reason for taking on this medium was two fold. First, I wanted to learn how to paint with acrylic. Secondly, I wanted to have some variety in the whole project. Instead of all 1000 zombies being drawn with ink and painted with watercolor I would throw in some diversity.
At this point I've decided that was a good idea because it really helped me evolve as an artist.

Meet Davis and his girlfriend. They were together when this portrait was created but what has come of their fate now I do not know. Are they still together? Are they married in undeath doomed to forever walk the earth and sharing each day together? (Is that really a bad thing?) Or did some survivors happen upon them and end them both with a bullet to the head.

Maybe she got tired of his shit and ended him herself ...