zombie 145 - Charles

It's not Indiana Jones meets the walking dead, but a dude named Charles with an awesome, albeit chewed up, hat.

zombie 144 - Rob

I wanted to get a little more gory with Rob, so I plucked out his eye.
He didn't mind much.

zombie 143 - Britty

really starting to have fun with the splattered paint effect . I also like how the hair turned out on this one, If I was to go back and touch it up I would probably add a lot more ruin to the left side of the face and keep the other half blemish free. I might also soften up the cheekbones.

zombie 142

Trying things, starting to use highlights a little more.

zombie 141 - Bearman Cartoon

I really like how Bearman Cartoons turned out. It looks cartoony and a little creepy at the same time, and actually resembles his character too. Wins all around.

zombie 140 - Obed

This is Obed or Obi Debo ... he's got a big smile ...
I really let myself go on this one and there is a video of the whole painting process that I will upload to the internets soon.

zomnbie 139 - Meg

This is Meg ... and I don't really have much to say about Meg. She's undead and judging by that smile, really enjoying herself. Maybe its because her first meal was her asshat of a boss that always made her work the late shift and made inappropriate advances on her.

He deserved what he got.

zombie 138 - Charli

This is Charli and she is so hungry she ate her own lips off.
I've bitten my lip while eating before, but this is a little extreme.

zombie 137 - Brent

This is Brent,
his face got bent.
Tore off some flesh
and left a dent.

My rhymes are DOPE yo!!

This was made before I found the awesome white gel pens to add highlights like crazy.
Who else wants to be a zombie? Let me know.

zombie 136 - Jordan

With zombie 136, aka Jordan, was still having fun with the splatter style of art. I wasn't letting it dominate my work but it was really making its presence known.

zombie 135 - Sarah decayed

While the previous Sarah was still fairly fresh as a zombie this one is her, just later on, after the decay and rot has started to set in. She looks a little rough around the edges.

zombie 134 - Sarah

When little Sarah was turned in to a zombie, I went a little crazy with the splatter background, combining that effect with my regular art style. The final result turned out quite effective I think.
H/T to +Andre Vandal and +Karina Ruiz Diaz for funding this portrait.

zombie 132 - the Boss

During the course of the 1000 zombies project I have had many requests to draw and paint different people, animals, and even fictional characters, as zombies. This was the first request to paint someone's boss ... as a zombie clown.

At least the picture supplied had a clown wig ... I should have given him a clown nose too.

I really like how the hair turned out.

zombie 131 - lil Buddha

After +miri dunn  I really started to explore the splatter art and minimal pen work in the project. I think the little Buddha turned out really well.

zombie 130 - Miriam

Trying something a little different with Miriam ... yet the same.
This is simple watercolor paint on canvas then pen. 
Biggest difference is that it's canvas. 
Neat effect but not one I stuck with for long.

zombie 129 - Sean

This is Sean, the 129th zombie of the project. I went a little over board on the gore this time, removing most of the cheeks ... still left his lips though, if you want to get your smooch on.

zombie 128 - Brian

Brian had a huge hat collection in life, but now in his undeath he only has 1.
This was funded as a surprise gift from Brians wife and ended up on a shirt for him.

Married couples are funny sometimes.

zombie 127 - Tyler

This is Tyler, who used to have a sinus problem. Now its not such a problem because he simply doesn't care.

zombie 126 - Ali

This is Ali .. and you can see that I have started to move away from the super loose lines and have begun to once again define the features and tighten up the lines.

Also , backgrounds. There hasn't been a defined background in several pictures.

Zombie 125 - Kims dog

Who is Kim and what happened to her dog?
Something isn't right here ...

This was the first dog I painted in this style and it was fun to be so loose with the lines.

Zombie 124 - Thor

He's probably a super hero to his kids, or someone, but this is not the asgardian god.
I liek how the eyes turned out on this one.

zombie 123 - Sander

This little kid is named Sander, and the grandma that commissioned him for the project asked for it to be light on the gore. There ya go. Still in the simplistic style of the day.

Zombie 122 - Tamara

Another zombie created in a light on the colors and easy on the lines style. 

zombie 121 - Odin

Still going through a bit of a phase with these portraits (which were made about 2 years ago). Experimenting with the line work as well as the watercolors ... it gives a very interesting look imo, though there are many parts I would probably change today, or parts I would add.

zombie 120 - Gary

Created late 2012 this painting is a bit more on the experimental side. In fact, the next dozen or so zombie paintings after this one are all on the experiemental, minimalistic and splatter style side.

I was going through a phase ....

zombie 119 - Christy

The 119th zombie portrait of the project. I took a step away from the oil painting to get back to some of my roots, which is the watercolors and inks. There is also a hint of minimalism in this one as well.

zombie 117 & 118 - Kyra and Matt

Matt and Kyra, another wedding anniversary zombie portrait in oils, and actually, my last oil painted zombie for the project ... so far. I completely lost all faith in myself while painting this one and actually quit art for a few days. Maybe it was the times and stresses of those days, maybe it was something else. Either way, I haven't really been comfortable with oils since this painting.

I need to get back to oils though ... over come that mental block. Who wants to commission an oil painting? ;)

zombie 115 & 116 - Pam and Ryan

Get your own zombie picture here: http://bit.ly/1KUIG8P

This is the first couple I tried to paint as zombies using oil paints. It was harder than I thought and there are many things I see today that I would do different now. Still, the whole point of the project was to learn and develop so even this was a success in that regard.

zombie 114 - Ninja

When I started painting +Andre Vandal 's cat Ninja I needed something to give it scale, hence the large brick/tiles in the background. This painting made me feel a little better about oil painting but I was still on the fence.

Join the horde! http://bit.ly/1KUIG8P

zombie 113 - GODZILLA

Godzilla gone ZOMBIE ... as if a huge mutated lizard monster from Japan isn't scary enough, now its undead and infecting entire cities.

This image was painted using oil colors and at the time I was starting to really beat myself up about how the oil painting was developing. While there are parts of this image I still don't quite like and would do over, I still think it turned out OK.

I since created a new Godzilla painting, non zombified.

zombie 112 - Mark

The 112th zombie of the project, also done in oils. The plan was to create 50 zombies in a different medium/style each time. All the way up to 1000. I had created 50 ink and watercolor zombies, 50 (mostly) acrylic zombie paintings, and this is the 12th oil painted zombie. But I was starting to feel some stresses or weird mental pressure of painting with oils and it was starting to show ... at least to me.

Anyways ... this is Mark and he requested that his zombie portrait be based on the main zombie in the movie LA Zombie ... which sort of explains the teeth.

If you want a zombie portrait, click here: http://bit.ly/1KUIG8P

zombie 111 - David

This is the One Hundred and Eleventh zombie of the 1000 zombies art project. Painted nearly 2 years ago in oil paints on canvas. It was a bit of a struggle painting David, the kids were really acting up that day and it took quite a while. In the end though I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I think oil and acrylic painting started my wide eyes trend that persists today.

zombie 110 - Jerry

+Jerry Reid III liked having his headphones on and the music cranked while he worked. It let him tune out the rest of the world ... which is why he never heard the zombies smashing their way through the offices.

Another oil painted zombie portrait for the project. Looking at it now I think I was adding a little to much oil and trying to paint like watercolors.

Want to join the project and get a zombie portrait. Click here: 

zombie 109 - Alice in zombieland

This oil painted Alice in Wonderland image was funded by +Denise Morgan Kalicki and features my take on Alice gone zombie in a world of giant mushrooms and a creepy smiling zombie cat in the sky. I think this picture was taken while the paint was still wet because its not quite that shiny in real life.

If you want to be part of the 1000 zombies project, or want to see someone or something turned in to a zombie, follow this link.

zombie 108 - Samantha

It's funny how things can go full circle. When I first created this painting of +Samantha Villenave it was after a month long hiatus from the project due to burnout and other issues. Now I'm posting to this blog for the first time in over a month and it's with this image. Maybe there's some sort of pattern or cycle I need to figure out.

Whatever the case may be, this is still one of my favorite oil painted zombies for the project and just seeing it again makes me want to go grab the brushes and paint and start in on some poor unsuspecting canvas.

If you want to get drawn as a zombie, follow this link.

zombie 107 - Jared

In the moonlit night Jared walks the wastelands of Idaho in search of brains, occasionally getting assaulted by lunatic potato farmers holding dirty hoes.

zombie 106 - Omlin

The first bearded zombie that I have painted with oil only. This guy turned out way better than I expected and still stands the test of time imo.

Sadly, Omlin didn't stand the test of time as his undead reign of terror was ended with a head shot.
And a double tap ... just to be sure.

zombie 105 _ Rowan

When the zombies get this close you know it's too late. Your fate is sealed with a bite.

Zombie 105 ... another oil painted zombie for the project. With this one I'm starting to get a feel for how oil paints work and how different they are from acrylic and watercolors. It's beginning to feel like sculpting. If I add the paint to thin it just blends in to the paint underneath it and gets muddy.

zombie 104 - Erin

She's smiling because she has you cornered and she knows that soon she'll nomming your flesh and feasting on your brains.

This is my fourth ever oil painted zombie for the project. Oils are so different to work with than any other medium I've used

zombie 103 - Melony

+Melony Isaac is one of the beautiful people. Always smiling and cheerful and full of life. She's a #zombie  now, and while she isn't full of life any more, the smile is still there, and she's never more cheerful than when she's chewing on your brains.

zombie 102 - Lars

Am I doing this right?
Say hello to +Lars Ivar Igesund ... or rather grab your gun and end his suffering.
This image is actually on its side, and he's lying in the snow, frozen to the ground and hoping that you'll get close enough so he can chew your ankles.

If you want a zombie portrait of yourself, click the link on the right ->

zombie 101 - Trash Wizard

This is my first official oil only zombie painting for the 1000 zombies project. For the first time ever a company actually commissioned to get their mascot to join the horde. The company is called +Trash Wizard , check 'em out if you are in the MA area. www.trashwizard.com

Want to join the art project and get zombified? Click here

zombie 100 - Rene

This is actually version 2 of +Rene BERNHARD - the first one was far stiff and controlled. I don't even know if I have it any more. On the second try I kept things loose and fast, and the final image turned out much better.

This ends the (mostly) acrylic only zombie painting stretch. Oil paints are next and new nightmares are faced.

Want to join the art project and get zombified? Click here

zombie 99 - Julian

the #zombieapocalypse  found Julian on a coffee break. It caused him to spill his coffee. His favourite blend too. Enraged Julian destroyed 4 #zombies with his bare hands before finally getting overwhelmed by the horde.

Now he wanders the post apocalyptic city searching for brains java!

zombie 98 - Pirate Bob

This is zombie pirate Bob ... ready to feast on your land lubber braAaainz.

This is one of my first and so far only side view zombie portraits for this project.

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zombie 97 - Ryan

Ryan didn't believe in zombies. That's okay though. The zombies believed in Ryan.

Looking over the first acrylic zombie (zombie 51 and 52) compared to this one you can see a great deal of change. From early chaotic lines and heavy brush strokes to a more muted and subdued blending. and a heavier use of the pen.

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zombie 96 - Amanda

Amanda was waiting for the bus on the day the #zombieapocalypse  began. It was well under way and she was getting nervous with all the sirens she's been hearing. More than usual, that's for sure. She figured that she would be safe once she got on the bus and got home.

3 minutes later it arrived, and just in time to by the looks of the fights breaking out down the street. She got her bus pass ready and was about to board when the #zombies  poured out and overwhelmed her.
I hate public transport.
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zombie 95 - Connie

Connie was already infected when she got home. When she saw her whole family was infected as well and had already turned #zombie  she knew she had 2 options. Destroy them so her family didn't have to be walking nightmares, or join them.
Which option do you think she choose? Which would you choose?

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