zombie 196 - the son of John

This is the son of John, who was zombie # 161 on this project
I don't know what this kid is trying to say, it all sounds the same


zombie 195 - Jeff

This pale green drooling dude is Jeff. The 195th zombie of the project.

Man I've come a long way since creating Jeff

Zombie 194 - Carls horde part 7

the last of Carls horde ... this guy was attacked by a cheese grater ... obviously not a very effective weapon against any zombie

zombie 193 - Carls horde part 6

Give him a bluish tint Carl said ... pop out his eye my son said ... throw in a bug my daughter said
and thus the 6th member of Carls horde was created.

Getting back to posting the remaining zombies of this project. Almost time to start making more and put this project to bed.