zombie 76 - Andy

Much less pen this round and a whole lot of deep flesh wounds. When I painted this one up I had imagined that a zombie had grabbed his face and dug in, tearing off a huge chunk.

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zombie 75 - Suzanne

I no longer remember exactly how +Susanne Ramharter joined the horde, but she does make an impresive zombie. Not one to shy away from a good fight meal, she gets in there with gusto.

This is 95% acrylic paint on canvas with some pen use.  I think the angle of the piece makes it more dynamic and in your face. I probably should have busted up the glasses more.

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zombie 74 - Mara

This is Mara, a.k.a Zombie Seventy-four a.k.a +Mara Mascaro . I think I was slipping a little here because there is heavy use of the pen and less freedom with acrylic. The is an old scan too I think and doesn't really do the final image justice and a big part of me is wanting to go back to this image and give it a few tweaks.

But that would defeat the whole point of the project, so it will stay as is. I'll just have to draw her again soon.

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zombie 73 - Chase, Kyle's zombie dog

First +Kyle Van Middlesworth infected his girlfriend, then his dog. No longer mans best friend, this beast is awesome at sniffing out the living for his undead master.

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zombie 72 - Kyle's gruel fiend

Remember Kyle from the previous post? Well, it turns out he has, or had, a girlfriend. It's hard to tell if they're still together or not. A lot of crazy shit goes down in the apocalypse. Relationships end, new ones begin, when fights happen someone really can tear you a new one.
Getting chewed out takes on a whole new meaning too.

Anyways - this zombie gurl is looking quite bright eyed and happy and ready to take whatever the apocalypse has to throw at her.

If you notice, I went back to the pen. I love my pens. Mostly acrylic though, and I really like how the eye on the left turned out. Almost ready to pop out.

zombie 71 is Killer Kyle

With zombie 71 of the project I took a slightly differnt approach to my acrylics. I was avoiding the pen but trying to draw and paint with paint. You can see the bold use of blues to show the edges of the wounds and skin, and the blue inside to give the impression of muscle structures. If I remember right I was also using a slightly heavier red that really added impact around the eyes.

Thanks Kyle ... wherever you are.

zombie 70 is JEFF ... the JEFF of your DEFF .. I mean DEATH!

Do not say hello to +Jeff Stoner because he doesn't talk to anyone anymore. Partly because he's a zombie and zombies don't talk, but mostly because he always has his mouth full and momma always said don't talk with your mouth full.

Jeff has a voracious appetite and always seems to know where to find someone to nibble on.

This was painted with 100% acrylic paint and I remember when I started I worked fast and furious. I sort of knew what I wanted it to look like and was very pleased at the final result. Sure there's things I would change now, that's what growth is all about and with this painting I definitely learned a few things. 

zombie 69 ... hur hur hur

This is Paul, the 69th zombie of the project. 98% of this was done with just acrylics ... just a touch of pen. I started to play around with color a little more, putting emphasis on reflected lights as well as trying to add depth to the wounds.
I like the blood splatter spots on the glasses.

zombie 68 - Gunnars friend

After feeling good about painting zombie 67, Gunnar, I attacked Gunnar's friend with gusto. I don't think there is even a touch of ink on this painting. Is it perfect ... no. Would I do things differently if I had a chanc ... yes. For sure. But that's what this project has become. A chance for me to experiment and improve and grow.
I really like the simplicity of the red around the eyes that really make it more gruesome without being heavy on the details. It leaves it up to your mind to fill in the blanks.

zombie 67 - Gunnar

This painting of +Gunnar Lott is the 67th zombie of the project and I was feeling pretty good when I started it. I didn't realize it at the time, and even now I forget this lesson, but when I start painting I need to stop worrying about how the final image will look and just GO! 

99.9% of this is just acrylic paint on canvas. A little touch of pen around the teeth.

zombie 66 Rainbow Brite

When I was first told to paint Rainbow Brite as a zombie I really couldn't remember what she looked like, so I spent a couple hours sketching her. Once I was pleased I started painting and it seems like I forgot all the sketches. HA! It took a while to get her to this point and again, while I see massive room for improvement from this nearly 2 year old painting, I still like the end result and I did learn a few things.

Thanks for funding this one +Denise Morgan Kalicki :)

zombie 65 - Kimberly

She became infected early on by accident. A zombie was about to chew on her when some unknown guy shot it in the back of the head. The exiting bullet grazed her cheek and some of the zombies brain matter and blood got in her eyes and mouth.

Some people say you can't get infected by the blood of another zombie ... I say they're wrong!

This one is way more simple on the acrylic paint as I tried for a softer tone for her. The use of pen to bring out the details almost over enhances the eyes. Oh the things I would do differently if I painted her today. :D

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zombie 64 - Clayton

This portrait of +Clayton Condon actually took 2 takes. The first one he looked far to old so I tried again. He looks like a much younger zombie in this one. Still a little line work with the pen but over all the paints are taking over and the confidence is starting to rise again.

My what big eyes you have.

zombie 63 - the stare that scares

She's pleased to eat you ... let her ... taste your brain!
I have the rolling stones playing in my head right now ... can you guess the song?

Zombie 63 is none other than +Mary Zeman and while I did use the pen on this one, the paint was so much fun to lay down. I feel like I made some personal growth with the painting of her hair, as well as the tendons and muscles in her jaw.

you can watch the video of this painting here featuring the music of +Will Kriski

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zombie 62

+C.J. Shane is the 62nd zombie of the project and it was once said this is the most beautiful zombie ever.  I won't argue but I'd probably run away if she started to come towards me.

Again its acrylics on canvas with obvious use of a pen. I really like how the hair turned out and the over all chaotic aggression is evident.

zombies 60 and 61

Zombies 60 and 61 are brought to you by +Josh Brown and his girl fiend. They were together before the apocalypse and are still together now. At least I think they are ... but the apocalypse is a crazy place so you never know. Maybe she got tired of his shit and found some other walker to hangout with ... or maybe he got tired of her shit and found another ghoul friend.

Who knows. What I do know is that there was a lot of pen used with this acrylic painting.