zombie 119 - Christy

The 119th zombie portrait of the project. I took a step away from the oil painting to get back to some of my roots, which is the watercolors and inks. There is also a hint of minimalism in this one as well.

zombie 117 & 118 - Kyra and Matt

Matt and Kyra, another wedding anniversary zombie portrait in oils, and actually, my last oil painted zombie for the project ... so far. I completely lost all faith in myself while painting this one and actually quit art for a few days. Maybe it was the times and stresses of those days, maybe it was something else. Either way, I haven't really been comfortable with oils since this painting.

I need to get back to oils though ... over come that mental block. Who wants to commission an oil painting? ;)

zombie 115 & 116 - Pam and Ryan

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This is the first couple I tried to paint as zombies using oil paints. It was harder than I thought and there are many things I see today that I would do different now. Still, the whole point of the project was to learn and develop so even this was a success in that regard.

zombie 114 - Ninja

When I started painting +Andre Vandal 's cat Ninja I needed something to give it scale, hence the large brick/tiles in the background. This painting made me feel a little better about oil painting but I was still on the fence.

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zombie 113 - GODZILLA

Godzilla gone ZOMBIE ... as if a huge mutated lizard monster from Japan isn't scary enough, now its undead and infecting entire cities.

This image was painted using oil colors and at the time I was starting to really beat myself up about how the oil painting was developing. While there are parts of this image I still don't quite like and would do over, I still think it turned out OK.

I since created a new Godzilla painting, non zombified.

zombie 112 - Mark

The 112th zombie of the project, also done in oils. The plan was to create 50 zombies in a different medium/style each time. All the way up to 1000. I had created 50 ink and watercolor zombies, 50 (mostly) acrylic zombie paintings, and this is the 12th oil painted zombie. But I was starting to feel some stresses or weird mental pressure of painting with oils and it was starting to show ... at least to me.

Anyways ... this is Mark and he requested that his zombie portrait be based on the main zombie in the movie LA Zombie ... which sort of explains the teeth.

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zombie 111 - David

This is the One Hundred and Eleventh zombie of the 1000 zombies art project. Painted nearly 2 years ago in oil paints on canvas. It was a bit of a struggle painting David, the kids were really acting up that day and it took quite a while. In the end though I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I think oil and acrylic painting started my wide eyes trend that persists today.

zombie 110 - Jerry

+Jerry Reid III liked having his headphones on and the music cranked while he worked. It let him tune out the rest of the world ... which is why he never heard the zombies smashing their way through the offices.

Another oil painted zombie portrait for the project. Looking at it now I think I was adding a little to much oil and trying to paint like watercolors.

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