Undead eats Undead eats Dead

The rules of the apocalypse are pretty simple for zombies. Find the living and eat them. Occasionally overzealous and unfortunate starving frustrated and frazzled zombies feast on the flesh of friends and fiends in the frantic feeding frenzy.
Eat or be eaten, or be eaten while eating.
The apocalypse is a crazy time.

Are smart brains better?

Someone once told me that smart people have better tasting brains. I thought about testing that theory, but I couldn't tell the difference. Maybe I don't know the proper recipes.

Zombie Cyclist!

This is Greg ... he's my neighbor and he's big in to biking. If you see him shambling around, run him over, just be sure to use a vehicle and not a bike.You'll be doing the world a favour ;)

Just a little psycho around the eyes

Things are starting to get a little more psychedelic with some of the zombies. Natural progress or strange mutation of my senses? You be the judge

A Zombie Cat's Best Friend

The zombie cats are a great contributing force behind the zombie apocalypse. Many zombie cats adopt zombies as a sort of perverse edible pet. If you risk getting close enough, you'll even see chewing marks on some of the zombies.

Crazy zombie kitty