zombie 5 - Daniel

His name was Daniel and it was his life’s goal to educate the living about the day the dead would rise. Some would say Daniel longed for the day to prove himself, he craved that moment. He was known to spend countless hours pouring over documentation and research with the hopes of having the upper hand.

Eventually he began his own blog to spread the knowledge and started public speaking to warn others. Daniel was riding high and then they came, rising from the graves, spreading their infection among those he called family and friend.

This was the moment he had prepared for, quickly he set about making sure everyone was safe. It was in those final moments when he felt most confident of his achievements that his English teacher showed up. With a pencil behind her ear and that classic beehive hairdo she slowly approached.
Daniel hesitated a moment too long and was overrun, the undead English teacher lumbering in for the final strike.
Story by +Martin E. Brandt II

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