1000 Zombies - RELOADING

It began in 2012 ... an undead art project funded and directed by you. Zombie portraits were being created based on who or what you chose and funded. Many chose themselves ... or a loved one ... or their whole family. Several chose fictional characters, or their pets ... someone chose a politician, another chose his boss.

It wasn't planned out .... just a spur of the moment idea without agenda or set in stone timeline. It was supposed to be a bloody chaotic mess of twisted undead portraits ... and I never thought it would take this long.

I thought it would be fast ... but 1000 is a much larger number than you realize until you actually try to do a 1000 of something.

Nearly 3 years later ( which included multiple sick days, some quite severe, more than a few burnouts, a couple of panic attacks and even one nearly unshakeable moment of severe doubt that wanted me to throw away my brushes ) and over 250 zombies completed specifically for this project, its time to reload and refresh.

For that to happen I'm going to start reposting all of the zombies completed for this project in to this one single blog. I will include a snippet of the story that each one has, and the full stories can be read in the ebooks when they are available. Everyone that takes part in the 1000 zombies project gets a free copy of the ebook containing their zombie.

The ebook of the first 50 zombies is available here: http://selz.co/1z5AAR4
If you want to order a print copy, its available here: http://bit.ly/1000zombies_v1

If you want to join the art project, click here: http://bit.ly/jointhehorde

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the artwork and the stories. First zombie appears on this blog tomorrow.