zombie 79 - India

Her name was India and she was scared. The dead roamed the hallways of her school and the screams, once loud and great in number, were getting quiet and infrequent. She had been hiding in a back coat room of her class, the fear kept her there even as the rest of her class fled in to the chaos.

The fear that kept her safe and hidden now became the fear of being trapped alone in the school. She slowly crept from the safety of her hiding spot in to the hallways of the now dark and eerily quiet school. She cautiously moved her way towards the exit, eyes focused on the light of the outside, trying hard not to look at the dead around her, some of whom she knew.

The hope of escape that had begun to build quickly faded as she saw a living wall of flesh pressed up against the exit doors, struggling to get in. As the fear washed over her again she felt something grab her shoulders and start to pull her down ...

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