zombie 29 - Julio

When news of the zombie apocalypse broke, Julio was at the youth camp, which was supposed to end the next day.

The reports warned people to stay put, stay indoors and not to travel.

The counsellors decided to keep everyone at camp, until it was safe, or they were instructed to do otherwise.

That was 4 days ago ... and food quickly ran out.

On the 5th day, Julio and another counsellor volunteered to go in to town for some supplies.

By mid afternoon only Julio returned, barely alive and bleeding from a massive wound on his legs and chest.

By evening he was dead. During the night he came back to life, attacking the other counsellors before the children hit him several times with an axe.

Perhaps if the children were older, and a little stronger, they could have destroyed the brain and saved their lives.

Perhaps ...

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